About Us

We publish works that are about the Canadian fibre- and textile arts and industry. From the growing or raising of fibre, to its processing, to the crafters and artisans who work with it, to the objects we create and why and how, to what happens to those objects when we discard them, we are desperately excited to explore it all, and to do so with you.

Do you have to be Canadian to enjoy what we do? Absolutely not. Fibre- and textile arts have rich local histories and contemporary practices throughout the world. We love learning about them all, and we suspect you do, too. We hope you will enjoy exploring what’s being made in Canada by folks across this vast land – both those whose ancestors have been here all along and those who came during or after colonization.

Kate Atherley

Co-Founder & Publisher

Kate is an internationally known knitting teacher, designer, author and editor. She has published nine books, and her focus in all her work is the empowerment of knitters, illuminating both the methods and mechanics of the craft. The combination of her university degree in mathematics, professional experience in software development, technical writing and usability, and training in garment and fashion design give her a unique perspective. She also works as an editor and technical editor, helping other designers and authors bring their work into the world. She lives in Toronto with her husband and their stubborn old dog.

Kim Werker head shot

Kim Werker

Co-Founder & Publisher

Kim is an editor, author, instructor and speaker. Over her sixteen-year career in crafts she has written seven books; founded, ran and eventually sold an online crochet magazine and community; served as editor of Interweave Crochet; and spoken and taught at conferences across North America. Through her Mighty Ugly project, she helps people slay their creative demons and have more fun making stuff. Eventually she realized that working in craft-related editorial is her professional dream, with values of sustainability, equity, inclusion and diversity at the centre of her work. Kim lives in Vancouver, where she is writing her first novel, exploring natural pigments she forages around her neighbourhood and at her family’s rural hay farm, and trying to motivate herself to tidy up her home office.